OPTIS Consulting Network - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: OPTIS Consulting Network
Project Description: Create a Quality Management System
Students: Ethan Ward, Caitlin Kleaman
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
OPTIS Consulting Network is a small consulting firm located in Vancouver, BC. OPTIS is looking to grow their customer base in the private sector. The company invited BCIT Operations Management students Ethan Ward, and Caitlin Kleaman, to analyze their current system and to create a quality management system to increase consistency in their project delivery process.

The project team examined the process of delivering client projects from the initial project assessment to the closing of projects. By identifying the drivers for a quality management system, performing a gap analysis regarding the delivery of quality at OPTIS, determining the areas for improvement, and collecting the requirements for a QMS the student team was able to make recommendations based on what OPTIS needs currently, what they are hoping to achieve, and OPTIS’s definition of quality.

To create a quality management system that would fit OPTIS’s needs while being easily maintained, easy to use, deliver consistency, and ensure customer satisfaction the following components of a quality management system should be implemented:
The recommendations will allow OPTIS to create consistency in their current projects, increase efficiency to allow for expected growth, provide ways for management to measure the success of each project, and increase training resources available to new consultants.