Mount Seymour - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Mount Seymour
Project Description: Parking Process Improvement
Students: Cody Dimitrijevic, Jackson Ling, Matthew Yiu
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Mount Seymour is a local Ski Resort located in North Vancouver, BC. A team of BCIT students was requested to help investigate the root causes to their parking issue. The investigation took place during the months of March to May 2014.

The purpose of this report is to investigate, identify, and recommend solutions to improve the parking process at Mount Seymour. The analysis and evaluation of Mount Seymour’s parking situation were conducted with the tools that the project team learned in their first year and second year of school in the British Columbia Institute of Technology, Business Operations Management Program. The solution of using a Kanban System for Mount Seymour was determined to be the best possible solution for their parking issues.

The analysis was able to conclude that Mount Seymour did not have one root case leading to the parking issues but several small causes. Their problems included:
These identified causes were creating problems for Mount Seymour such as:
Two Solutions were created from the findings based on the criteria that was given to the project team. These solutions were the use of a Kanban System or to transfer the responsibility of the backcountry users to BC Parks. These were weighted with a Criteria of Evaluation which found that a Kanban System to categorize all visitors and to enforce where they are able to park would be the best recommendation to solve the parking issues.

With the recommendation implemented, Mount Seymour will benefit from a savings of $8,610.00 during the three week peak period due to removal of steps and enforcing the parking facility. The initial investment of $2,110.00 will be paid back within 5.15 Days