Leavitt Machinery - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Leavitt Machinery
Project Description: Marketing Plan for US Expansion
Students: Andre Lachlan, Ace Coustol, Lauren Lachlan
Term: Spring 2013
BCIT Program: Marketing Management
Working with a large BC company that sells industrial machinery, our group developed a marketing plan to help them expand into the US market. In order to assess the viability and attractiveness of entering this market, extensive primary and secondary research was conducted which included calling on potential customers and asking them in-depth questions to reveal their purchasing behaviour and intentions. Upon this research, it was decided to move ahead with the expansion.

While the market was attractive, the largest issue the client faced was in developing brand recognition and encouraging trial. To overcome this challenge, a strategic sales plan was created which provided the client with strategies and tactics their sales and marketing force should adopt and implement in order to create awareness. Specifically, these recommendations included sales-calls, pricing promotions to encourage trial, e-mail campaigns and contests to create awareness.

Also, a comprehensive list of 1,000 customer leads was created in the new territory to give the sales team a solid foundation of customers to call on. Initial indications from this have been very positive with the sales forces acquiring orders from a number of these leads.