Launch Academy - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Launch Academy
Project Description: Marketing Distribution Channel
Students: Jay Zhou & Dmitry Sokolov
Term: Spring 2015
BCIT Program: Business Management

Launch Academy's educational programs have three groups of clients: career changers, entrepreneurs, and university/college students or graduates. The numbers of career changers and serial entrepreneurs applied for the programs are steady. However, the number of student applicants is well below expectation. Students and fresh graduates are considered the group that need the most guidance in starting their own business, but only a few have signed up for the educational programs offered by Launch Academy. This indicates lack of awareness of the programs to the potential student applicants.

A new marketing distribution channel targeting technology student clubs and associations in colleges and universities across Lower Mainland will help Launch Academy gain the much needed exposure and create awareness among its target market. The goal is to increase the number of technology students/graduates applying for the programs, from which students acquire practical and effective skill sets to increase the chance of being successful at the early stage of building their own business.

In order to gather the ideal student clubs managers and school faculty staff contact information, the students conducted secondary and primary research. They organized the information from the research and built a database. The database provides Launch Academy the ability to contact the most effective person in student clubs or school programs. By using the database effectively, it enables Launch Academy to gain maximum awareness within a student network, and bring more talent students to use its educational programs.