Landsea Tours and Adventures - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Landsea Tours and Adventures
Project Description: How to Increase Referrals From Friends and Family
Students: Lauren Marshall, Caitlin Kehoe, Anna Berseneva
Term: Spring 2013
BCIT Program: Marketing Management
For our Business Consulting Project, we had the pleasure of working with Landsea Tours and Adventures. Landsea is a tour operator located in the Greater Vancouver Area that operates adventure and sightseeing tours throughout Vancouver, the North Shore, Victoria and Whistler. This company is found in the tour operator industry within the travel trade sector of the tourism industry.

The problem that we are trying to solve for Landsea through our extensive report and presentation is the lack of the friends and relative market using their company when coming into Vancouver. We have researched the markets coming in and found that the UK, Chinese and Indian markets are best suited for this campaign as they have the highest numbers coming into Vancouver, and are most willing to do a tour. We are trying to market Landsea Tours to increase their sales of tours from the friends and relatives market from the markets of the UK, China and India. We have completed a marketing plan for Landsea to implement in hopes that this will increase awareness and as a result, increase their revenues from this selected target market.

The primary recommendations we have made for Landsea to increase their sales from this market are to market themselves through online platforms to gain awareness and loyalty from their new target market. As Landsea has a small budget to spend on marketing to these markets, we suggested they use online as their primary source of marketing. We have proposed they allocate their budget on improving their website, and using social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and a blog.