Island Glass & Mirror Ltd - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Island Glass & Mirror Ltd
Project Description: Succession Plan
Students: Amanda Harder, Shannon Smith & Lana West
Term: Spring 2016
BCIT Program: Business Management
Three owners of Island Glass are retiring, leaving the positions to be filled by two younger family members. The purpose of this project was to provide Island Glass with a succession plan to ensure that the transfer of leadership is successful.

This resulted in the identification of core competencies for each of the current owner’s positions: Operations Manager, Production Manager and Sales Manager. From there, secondary research was conducted to identify core competency rating scales. An analysis of each successor was completed to better understand where the individual was ranked on the core competency rating scale. In order to increase competency levels, development activities for the successors and coaching tips for the current owners were implemented. A development guide was also created. These tools will ensure training is complete and will be used to measure success.

This plan will result in the acceleration of competency ratings to a higher level, which will provide the successors and the current owners with confidence that Island Glass will continue to be successful in the hands of the younger generation.