iQmetrix - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: iQmetrix
Project Description: Performance Measurement Plan
Students: Joyce Anne Azarcon, Connie Lam, & Colin Li
Term: Spring 2016
BCIT Program: Business Management
iQmetrix is a SaaS business that is one of the top 50 small-to-medium businesses in BC. They offer retail solutions to various businesses, such as POS, eCommerce, Dropship, and Digital Signage services. The purpose of this project is to recommend a simple performance measurement framework to effectively communicate metrics to the rest of the organization and increase collaboration between departments.

Problem Statement: How can iQmetrix identify and communicate performance metrics in a meaningful way for the organization?

Research: Secondary research topics included performance metrics, measurement frameworks and communication strategies. Primary research was conducted through interviews with Team Leads, reading annual reports, and accessing Nimble.

Result: Through secondary and primary research, the team was able to complete a needs assessment and recommend a performance measurement framework that included a measurement, communication and change management strategy.