Health Shared Services BC - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Health Shared Services BC
Project Description: Process Change Cost Analysis
Students: Brendon Bartsch and Jordan Chung
Term: Fall 2012
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
A team of BCIT students was tasked with a Cost Analysis project at Health Shared Services BC (HSSBC) from September 7th to December 5th 2012. The purpose of this study was to develop a method of determining the cost differences between process changes made by HSSBC, in the Records and Benefits department.

HSSBC is going through a transformation phase to standardize the processes performed by each Health Authority in the Records and Benefits department. The reason for this transformation is a mandate from the Ministry of Health to reduce office expenses by 2014.

The team approached this project by developing an online survey, worded to gather specific data from the staff of each Health Authority, and designing an Excel template to calculate the gathered data.

The method developed was tested on three different processes, including:
  1. Benefits-Pensions for Temp NC>1yr
  2. Termination of Benefits with Carriers
  3. Benefits Enrollment
Through analysis of the changes made to these three processes, the results found on a combined basis were:

Monthly Time - An additional 13.55 Hours
Monthly Cost - An additional $342
Yearly Cost - An additional $4,108

Using the method developed by the team, HSSBC will be able to analyze future changes to processes in the Records and Benefits department, with ease and little extra effort.