Flora Manufacturing and Distributing - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Flora Manufacturing and Distributing
Project Description: Production process improvement
Students: Irene Liang and Jasmin Bayato
Term: Spring 2012
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Flora Manufacturing and Distributing Ltd manufacture a variety of high quality natural health care and premium herbal products. The company recognizes the opportunity to increase sales by improving production line operations.

This project focuses to improve the supplement line procedures and processes. The purpose of the project is to identify factors, report findings, and provide recommendations to reduce frequent machine stoppages and improve actual rate of production at the supplement line. The BCIT students conducted interviews and observed the process of the supplement line to gain an initial understating of the supplement line.

Based on the observation, some of symptoms were machine stoppages and frequent rework during production runs. The root cause analysis and sample data collection revealed that reloading silica is the primary reason for machine stoppage and label misalignment is the main cause for rework. The students proposed to run the supplement line continuously during the entire shift by allocating one additional operator with staggered breaks. The staggered breaks will ensure operators keep the line running.

In order to improve the Supplement Line operations, recommendations are:
The benefits of implementing the recommendations, Flora will be able to: