Experience the Fraser - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Experience the Fraser
Project Description: Build Brand Awareness & Market Research
Students: Jing Zhong, Jennifer Wong, Samantha Tsui
Term: Spring 2013
BCIT Program: Marketing Management
Experience the Fraser is a vision to connect from Hope to the Salish Sea along the Lower Fraser River by means of over 550 kilometres of trail (the Canyon to Coast Trail) and via the river itself. As summarized by the client, “The intention is to connect communities to each other and to the river, to knit together points of interest such as parks, natural features, historic and cultural sites and festivals – and to continue to build on that recreation and tourism network, creating one of the world’s great river destinations.”

The success of the project requires involvement from different levels of government, First Nations, other agencies, the private sector, non-profit organizations and citizens. Yet the Experience the Fraser brand is nearly non-existing in the public eye due to very low awareness level. The problem the students needed to solve was how Experience the Fraser could position itself by creating a unified brand while embracing the diversified nature of the project.

The research consisted of secondary and primary research. The secondary research was used to mainly support PEST, SWOT, competitive analysis and target market identification. As well, the group looked at trail networks around the world similar to Experience the Fraser to see what best practices could be adopted into the project. The primary research included site inspections and numerous in-depth interviews with industry experts and important stakeholders.

Unique selling propositions and positioning of Experience the Fraser that lead to its brand essence were explained. The primary and secondary messaging elements supporting the brand essence were also listed in the report. Ten marketing strategies have been proposed to achieve the goal and objectives of this marketing plan. Various marketing tactics, such as website, social media, mobile app, brochures, public relations, and personal selling were suggested to support the ten proposed marketing strategies.

Experience the Fraser has the potential to become a great sustainable tourism product for the province of BC. Its key to success is partnership and community involvement, as well as, the formation of an umbrella organization responsible for marketing.