Edgewater Casino - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Edgewater Casino
Project Description: Update Policies & Procedures
Students: Leanne Bartlett, Erika Fletcher, Jake Golightly
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Human Resource Management
The purpose of this project was to update Edgewater Casino’s policy and procedures manual. The current policy and procedures manual needed to be expanded upon, reworded so that it could be easily understood by all Associates and checked to ensure it complied with BC law. In addition, the goal of the manual was to provide a “one-stop shop” for Associates to access information. This project was being undertaken with the intention to improve communication across the organization; with plans of expansion in Edgewater’s near future, methods for delivering messages to Associates will be needed during this busy time. Additionally, Human Resources would benefit with clarification on their policies and procedures, so that they could be held accountable for other departments.

Throughout the duration of this project, time was spent researching best practices and incorporating current trends into policies and procedures as was seen fit. The BC Employment Standards Act, WorkSafeBC, and a textbook about BC Law were used to cross-reference policies to ensure all policies met the BC regulatory standards. Primary research was also gathered on company policy and procedures from Edgewater Casino Associates. Edgewater’s corporate strategy was taken into consideration throughout this project, ensuring that the policies and procedures were aligned with Edgewater’s mission, vision, and values.

As a result of this project, 68 policies and procedures are completed and thoroughly edited. Edgewater Casino now has two out of the four parts of their policy and procedures manual complete. Current policies were expanded upon where necessary and revised to be easy for Associates to understand. Edgewater now has a “one-stop shop” resource for Associates to access information, to ensure practices are standardized across all departments. This comprehensive policy and procedures manual will give Edgewater Casino a competitive advantage; it will help improve communication across the organization, which will hopefully make for an easier transition during the time of expansion.