CIMtech Manufacturing - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: CIMtech Manufacturing Inc.
Project Description: Provide a Database Solution
Students: Braedon Innes and Chris Yuen
Term: Fall 2012
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
CIMtech Manufacturing Inc. is a full service manufacturing and CNC machine shop located in Surrey, British Columbia. Founded in 2006, CIMtech prides itself on its expertise and world class manufacturing; they specialize in manufacturing engineering prototypes and a wide array of CNC-machined parts.

Recently adding research and development with new products entering the market soon, CIMtech has branched out over the Pacific Ocean with a manufacturing plant in Asia. While still a young company CIMtech has ambitious goals to grow and strengthen their company.

During the time spent with CIMtech, we focused on the current work order process at CIMtech, with interviews conducted with the President of Manufacturing Paul Ghotra, and associates involved with the current work order process, results were a defined process flow. Additionally a value added and non-valued analysis, root causes analysis that garnered the following information:
In order for CIMtech to grow and compete in today competitive market place the BCIY system is the right system necessary to provide the tools to streamline how the purchase orders initiate work order forms, the solution is implementing the BCIY CIMtech Access database with conjunction of the proposed work order process. This will provide CIMtech management the required tools that will generate more time available for strategic management decisions and design of future products.