Christine Designs Ltd. - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Christine Designs Ltd.
Project Description: Process Improvement
Students: Ozge Coksayar, Parul Sahi
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Christine Designs Ltd. is a privately owned garment manufacturing company that manufactures luxury lingerie and sleepwear. From March 18th 2014 to May 15th 2014, a team of BCIT students were asked to investigate the current inventory management system at Christine Designs Ltd. and make recommendations for improvement. The purpose of this project was to examine the current inventory management system and propose solutions that will improve inventory accuracy and visibility throughout the entire process.

The Project Team used a PDCA problem solving cycle to investigate the current symptoms at Christine Designs Ltd. and integrate daily activities to achieve project deliverables. The Project Team conducted employee and management interviews, process mapping, and cause and effect analysis to understand the symptoms affecting the accuracy of the inventory management system and provide recommendations.

The Project Team has provided the following recommendations in three levels:

Fundamental Level:
Management Level:
Strategic Level:
Implementing fundamental level solutions will improve inventory accuracy through organized inventory locations and well defined inventory. Management level solutions will increase the communication between departments and eliminate duplicated data usage for inventory records through increased visibility of inventory. The BCIT Project Team also provided strategic level solutions that are recommended to be implemented after maintaining the fundamental level for inventory management practices and supporting these practices with management level solutions.