Canature Processing - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Canature Processing
Project Description: Internal Communication System Improvement
Students: Leon Yang and Shirley Zhu
Term: Spring 2016
BCIT Program: Business Management
The purpose of this Business Consulting Project was to present the General Manager with an improvement strategy for a highly effective internal communication system. Currently, Canature Processing is looking for a new communication system to enhance their current internal communication. Canature is experiencing unproductive communication, resulting from inefficient and inaccurate data.

The consulting team conducted primary research to identify the current internal communication issues. In addition, the team contacted manufacturers in the Lower Mainland to understand what communication systems they are using. Secondary research was conducted to determine benchmarks for internal communication systems within the manufacturing industry. Next, through brainstorming, the team worked to identify an improvement strategy that could potentially fit with Canature Processing Ltd based on the organization’s structure.

This improvement strategy will again be used at the next general meeting, during which the managers will discuss and define their next steps.