Canada Post - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Canada Post
Project Description: Process Improvement Project
Students: Dave Clason and Adriana Ng
Term: Spring 2011
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
The purpose of the study was to improve flow and create a more efficient layout that would reduce the lead processing time of small packets and parcels. In addition to this, they were tasked to reduce the existing footprint by improving space utilization and to decrease travel time between workstations while maintaining a safe and ergonomic work environment.

Canada Post’s International Surface work centre takes an average of 6.64 days to process a parcel during high volume season. Subsequently, Canada Post found that there was so much work in progress inventory that it was overflowing into other work centres leading to longer than expected delays for their customers.

The BCIT team investigated the symptoms, and identified the root cause as transfers of large batch sizes of mail, which could be resolved by leveling the sorting of parcels over several days rather than the current method in use. A series of recommendations were developed including a revised layout, resource scheduling, visual controls, and standardized work process. By incorporating the recommendations the following results are expected:
Team Objectives Team Results
Improve space utilization by 15% Improved space utilization by 34%
Project Description: Process Improvement Project
Decrease the travel time by 50% Decreased travel time by 53%
Reduce process time by 10% Reduced process time by 25%
Implementation time less than 1 month Implementation time 2 days