Burnaby Arts Council - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Burnaby Arts Council
Project Description: Develop an Events Marketing Plan
Students: Kelvin Choi, Calvin So, Vincent Le
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Management
Burnaby Arts Council has been seeing a decline in growth within their business operations. Their membership base has decreased and the amount of vendors they get at their annual craft festival has seen a decline from a high of 60 vendors at peak years to the current 30-40 they have scheduled for this November. The students' first task was to understand the issues of these declines and recommend ways for growth and to make up for the initial net loss of memberships/vendors. The students conducted face-to-face interviews and on-site research at farmer markets and other city art councils.

With the resource listing, the students recommended a list of potential sponsors that the Burnaby Art Council can consider partnering with. The resource listing is comprised of mainly Burnaby based businesses that either have an interest or stake within the arts community, such as art studios. The project produced a target of 25 potential listings.