Business Operations Management - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Business Operations Management
Project Description: BCIT 2012 Open House Planning Project
Students: Jane Koretnikova, Michelle Shen, and Natalia Miroshnichenko
Term: Fall 2011
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) Open House is a 2-day student organized and conducted event that takes place every 2 years. The main purpose of the event is to allow potential BCIT students get a glimpse of understanding of BCIT’s offered programs is about directly from those, who have experienced it fully and would like to share this knowledge. Students from each program are expected to develop a range of displays showing the main concepts and tools they learned in their courses in an attractive and interactive manner. Each Open House has a specific theme developed by BCIT Open House committee to reflect the way BCIT positions itself within the community, however, every program may adopt its own interpretation.

Business Operations Management (BOM) Open House Planning team was assigned to develop a project plan that will help the execution team to represent BOM program at the event in 2012. With the help of previous BOM Showcase 2010 organizers, BOM focus groups, surveys, brainstorming and meetings with Alumni Association, BCITSA and Part-Time studies the Planning team managed to grasp major requirements and expectations of stakeholders who agreed to contribute to the success of BOM Open House. The study covered 11 areas of effective Project Management planning that every project manager should be able to utilize when chosen to run the project. BOM Open House Planning team developed Project Management Plan, Project Scope Management Plan, Project Time Management Plan, Project Human Resources Management plan, Project Communication Management Plan, Project Procurement Management Plan, Project Cost Management Plan, Project Quality Management Plan, Project Risk Management Plan, Project Change Management Plan, Project Lessons Learned and Project Management Information System that contains all the plans and team findings. In addition to the above plans, Planning team has acted proactively and established 2 projects with GTEC’s first and second year students, accompanied with an appropriate Marketing Plan to help in marketing of BOM Open House 2012.