MTU Maintenance Canada - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: MTU Maintenance Canada
Project Description: Providing Real Time Visibility in the Supply Chain
Students: Mandeep Khtaria, Douglas Frith, and Jace Anderson
Term: Fall 2011
BCIT Program: Business Operations Management
Effective inventory management is critical to the survival of any modern business. Companies must have the ability to access relevant information regarding their assets at all times. Innovative technology with the combination of RFID and GPS technologies has made it possible for inventory to be tracked along the supply chain.

RFID is a system where tags are placed on assets, which transmit the location of those assets at any given time along with information about the environment it is in. The GPS is known for its navigational capabilities but it can also be used to track a fleet of vehicles. This information enables a company to increase productivity and make more intelligent strategic decisions.

The purpose of the study was to research these two systems to determine if they could be integrated into one fully operational system and if it was economically viable to do so.

RFID and GPS technology have independently proven to be economically viable systems. Through working with Guard RFID, a vendor of RFID systems, and Applocation Systems, a software provider and vendor of GPS integration, the development of the integrated system was initiated. According to Applocation the system will be fully integrated and functional within the next few months. The study also revealed that the system would be most beneficial to third party logistics providers (3PLs) and vertically integrated organizations due to the design of the integrated system. Benefits to a user of the integrated system would include:
The study projected that the combination of these systems will also be economically viable but only when used to track high value assets. The concept will be tested and analyzed in a follow up spring pilot project at MTU, the world’s largest independent provider of commercial engine maintenance services. The study will involve tracking high value engine parts and accessories with RFID tags and may potentially include GPS fleet tracking while those items are in transit.