BCIT - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: BCIT
Project Description: Big Data Awareness
Students: Wayne House, Shahrukh Esmail, Phoebe Tagaca
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Information Technology Management
The problem that this project may be facing is that students within the technology programs at BCIT are unaware of such open source database technologies, and this provides us with an opportunity to provide them knowledge and awareness of open source database technologies from this project. Our project addresses the problems facing big data and its challenges such the 3 V’s, velocity, which deal with the increasing amount of data, velocity, which is the speed of how data is going in and out, and lastly, variety, how to deal with the range of data types and sources.

The point of this project is to provide documentation and a presentation showing that open source NoSQL servers can handle the Big Data challenges, databases such as Cassandra, Hadoop, MongoDB etc. This project was intended to provide insight to one of many Big Data technologies and is used to provide some basic knowledge to the audience as a result. Our client wants to use this project as a gateway to more exposure of Big Data technologies that are used in the world today. This project will allow for our client to provide additional knowledge & skills to future BCIT students.

We introduced a NoSQL database known as MongoDB to BCIT Faculty Members. We covered the concepts and rationale, followed by an exercise portion that has step by step instructions on how to use Mongodb; all of these are in the provided documentation. At the time of the presentation, concepts were summarized and a demo was presented where an existing data store will be used to apply many of the concepts. The documentation created may be used to teach others (i.e. future classes in bcit) on how to use this database technology. To make things more visually appealing we introduced MongoDB through RoboMongo; a Graphical User Interface (GUI) application.

The proposed plan was to go over the concepts in such order:
The type of research we used for this project was from YouTube videos that were used as lecture material for a class. It taught us step by step the functionality of MongoDB which we were able to translate and create documentation based on the material learned.

The final outcome of the project was successful on the presentation, as we were able to describe and demo MongoDB and Big Data. We provided documentation and an example manual to our client after the presentation.