ArtStarts in Schools - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: ArtStarts in Schools
Project Description: ArtStarts Gallery Activation Plan
Students: Dominika Pilat, Simone Orlando, Pei Tan
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Business Management
The consulting project focused on developing an activation plan to raise awareness of the ArtStarts Gallery at 808 Richards Street in Vancouver.

Founded in 1996, ArtStarts is a not-­for-­profit organization that has been successful at providing innovative programs in both elementary and secondary schools throughout the province of British Columbia. These programs involve bringing emerging and professional artists to schools for residencies, performances, and workshops. In 2006, ArtStarts opened a gallery space to showcase the artwork created by young people in schools in collaboration with artists.

With its current programming, the ArtStarts Gallery sees high visitation rates amongst children under 5 (and their parents). Although the exhibitions are designed to reach both children and youth, the challenge for the organization has been to increase awareness and visitor rates amongst grade 4 to grade 12 students.

The 10 week project began with an in-depth analysis of the industry including interviews with staff and programming coordinators at ArtStarts and other local galleries. Following this, the team launched a survey designed to better understand the needs and wants of past and future gallery visitors. Further in-­depth interviews were conducted with youth-­oriented organizations. Lastly, a local events calendar was built to identify opportunities for ArtStarts to increase engagement within the community.

Findings from the extensive research were used to develop a yearlong marketing plan for the gallery (September 2014 - August 2015) including recommendations on key cultural community event opportunities and strategies for reaching youth.