Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. - Business Consulting Project

Project Details

Project Client: Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc.
Project Description: Develop Employee Handbook
Students: Ebony Ariyan, Alex Kolewe, Ashley Nguyen
Term: Spring 2014
BCIT Program: Human Resource Management
The project focused on developing a comprehensive employee handbook for Advanced Cyclotron Systems Inc. (ACSI). With over 20 years of experience, ACSI has been instrumental in the development and commercialization of life-saving cyclotron technology. ACSI has grown out of Ebco Industries Ltd., the largest heavy machining and fabrication manufacturer in Western Canada.

Two years ago, they moved out of Ebco's facility to a new facility of their own. Previously, ACSI's practices and policies have mirrored those of Ebco, a unionized workplace. The challenge is updating and differentiating these practices and policies to suit ACSI's individual needs. With foreseeable future growth, ACSI's employee handbook must also be adaptable to the future needs of the organization while still reflecting the attitudes and values on which it was founded.

Prior to starting the project, the team conducted an in-depth industry analysis in an attempt to better understand ACSI's business model. They also conducted research on employee handbook best practices and compiled an assortment of sample handbooks from reputable and relevant organizations. In order to best address ACSI's needs, they organized three focus groups with three to five employees each and conducted interviews with the organization's Directors and Executives.

Over eight weeks, the team assembled a comprehensive employee handbook documenting all applicable policies and procedures. The high level of employee involvement allowed them to accurately represent and celebrate ACSI's cultural identity. The new employee handbook should serve as a one-stop-shop for policy and procedural queries, effectively saving employees time spent searching and requesting information.