Part-time Studies English Language Requirements

Effective Spring/Summer term of 2019

The BCIT School of Business will be making changes to its processes with regards to English language requirements. While full-time programs have specific English language requirements that may vary, the Institute has a minimum requirement of English 12 or equivalent. The Institute requirements are found at

For all part-time studies courses and programs, the School of Business will be applying the Institute minimum (English 12 with 50%; 6.0 IELTS etc). Students who register in School of Business part-time courses will be contacted directly by a member of the School of Business, requesting verification of English language minimum requirements. Verification will initially be done on a sample basis. If students are not contacted this term, they should save their documentation as it may be required in a future term.

For the Spring/Summer 2019 term, students are to register for part-time courses as usual and wait to be contacted by the School of Business. It is encouraged that students prepare their documents in advance and hold them until they receive the email. At that point students will be told how to submit their documents for verification. Once students have been verified, the results will be recorded so that these students will not be required to do the verification process in future terms.

Current Students

Students who have completed a program declaration for a part-time business program and do not have documentation demonstrating English language proficiency will NOT be prevented from continuing in their studies. In addition, current students will not be required to write an IELTS (or equivalent) English language proficiency assessment. Any student who is making satisfactory progress in their program will be “grandfathered” (exempted). Students who are not making satisfactory progress will be reviewed and, in consultation with the program coordinator, will develop a personal learning plan to address any deficiencies and ensure success in their program. This could include completing one or more COMM courses as a requirement of continuation in the program.