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Unreal Engine, the leading choice among AAA game developers, has delivered decades of results in real-time rendering, game production, simulation, manufacturing, and architectural design. Through the integration of Unreal 3D models, animations, textures, and code, organizations are able to create and develop interactive virtual environments for augmented and virtual reality environments. Using simulation to test processes and environments, Unreal Engine allows users to predict outcomes and make informed decisions in the production pipeline. Even users with introductory C++ programming skills can have complete control of the Unreal Engine high-level blueprint interface.

For major game studios, film studios, and manufacturers worldwide, Unreal Engine is the go-to game engine and real-time rendering platform for game development, simulation, virtual and augmented reality, special effects, and architectural design. The platform includes a complete suite of development tools for anyone planning to use or work with real-time technology, game production, visualizations, and cinematic experiences.

Fundamentals of Unreal Engine Workshops

Fundamentals of Unreal Engine is a two-workshop series that introduces you to the concept of real-time technology and its role in game production, architectural design, AR/VR, and effects and lets you explore game design and simulation. You will be guided through the setup and installation of the Unreal Engine and explore the wide variety of features and tools provided within Unreal Engine, such as level design, asset management, effects and dynamics, and animation. Throughout this foundational workshop, you will learn about different features and abilities of the Unreal Engine and experiment with creating, importing, and modifying game assets such as 3D models, characters, textures, and shaders. As a final project for this workshop, you will create and set up a game level inside Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine – Setup for Real-Time Technology

This workshop introduces you to the concept of real-time technology and its applications in various sectors and industries. You will learn and discuss real-time technology and the role game engines play in delivering real-time applications.

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Unreal Engine – Level Setup in Unreal Engine

In this workshop you will explore the tools provided by Unreal Engine across several panels and windows. You will learn about each panel and toolbox involved in building a game environment inside Unreal Engine, as well as how to use the level building tools to construct level ground objects and proxy meshes for space blocking and importing prebuilt 3D objects and characters.

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