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Blue Seal Certified Business Programs and Trades to Degree Pathways for Tradespeople

Blue Seal is a certification specifically for tradespeople. It identifies a Red Seal or Journeyman who has taken a minimum of 12 credits in business. Depending on your career goals, education and work experience, there are several options designed to build upon Red Seal or Journeyman Certificate.

BCIT now awards a Blue Seal Certificate badge. The Blue Seal Certificate is also awarded in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and a similar certificate is offered in the Atlantic provinces through the new Atlantic Trades Business Seal Program.

BCIT Blue Seal Certified Business courses and programs are geared towards tradespeople with a Red Seal or Journeyman Certificate to develop their business and leadership skills. To receive a Blue Seal Certification Badge, students must complete 12 credits of business. This can be done by taking a selection of business courses that add up to 12 credits. Alternatively, students can complete a business certificate, diploma or degree and be eligible for Blue Seal and use these programs as a stepping stone towards a Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Obtaining a Blue Seal from BCIT demonstrates that you have a level of leadership and business education that gives you a competitive advantage in your field of work. The various options are listed below, and you can start your assessment today!

Option 1: Completion of 12 credits in Business to earn Blue Seal

To meet the minimum requirements to receive a Blue Seal badge, you need:

  1. A valid Red Seal or Journeyman Certificate, and
  2. Completed at least 12 credits in business

If you have taken business courses from another recognized institution, BCIT may recognize up to 6 credits from those business courses. A minimum of 6 credits needs to be taken at BCIT.

When you have your requirements ready, apply to the following non-credit assessment course: BUSA 0001- Blue Seal Assessment, upload a copy of your Red Seal, post-secondary transcripts, and pay the $90 fee. The department will award you with the Certificate once the assessment is complete.

Option 2: Blue Seal Certified Programs

Complement your trades training by completing one of the following Blue Seal Certified business programs that suit your individual needs. Click on each program below and enroll.

Part-time BCIT Blue Seal Certified Programs

Statements of Completion (<20 credits)

Associate Certificates (21 to 35 credits)

Upon completion of any of these programs you will need to register in BUSA 0001- Blue Seal Assessment, upload a copy of your Red Seal, post-secondary transcripts, and pay the $90 fee. The department will award you with the Blue Seal badge once the assessment is complete.

Option 3: Trades to Degree Path (Executive Path to BBA)

Do you have 5+ years of experience as a site supervisor, project or construction manager, self-employed contractor and a Red Seal? You may qualify for the Executive Pathway to the Bachelor of Business Administration degree program. This program significantly reduces the time it takes you to earn a business degree to enhance your trades management experience.

If you are interested in the Trades to Degree Pathway, contact Karime Kuri directly or visit our Adult Learner website

Option 4: Degree in Construction Management

The increasingly complex construction environment demands management professionals who can play an integral role in project teams. The BCIT Bachelor of Technology in Construction Management has an entry pathway explicitly designed for tradespeople with an approved trade. After completing a series of bridging courses, individuals are able to gain admission to the bachelor’s program.

Prior to beginning any bridge courses, potential applicants should contact the construction management program ( for an individual assessment of their entrance requirements.

Option 5:  Advanced Diploma and BBA

Are you Red Seal or Journeyman certified but do not have over 5 years of experience? If so, you could start working towards your Advanced Diploma in Business Management, full-time or part-time, and then have the option to continue your education to complete your Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

Please contact directly or visit our Adult Learner website.

For any other questions regarding the Blue Seal Certification at BCIT, contact Karime Kuri at 604-456-1170,

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