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If you have five or more years of professional business experience, you may qualify for an alternative path to complete a diploma or degree as an adult learner. An Advanced Placement and Prior Learning (APPL) assessment outlines individual advanced standing paths and bridging courses into a program. All applicants must demonstrate that they meet all program entrance requirements and one of the advanced placement eligibility requirements for their pathway.

APPL Assessment Process


The fee does not guarantee entry into the program. The assessment processing time is between four to six weeks but may vary depending on the volume of applicants. Holidays do not count as part of the processing time. Please note that the program head, as an SME, has the final say on accepting or rejecting your assessment.

Contact Us

To find out more information on Adult Learner pathways, please contact Karime Kuri via email at or, or via phone (604) 456-1170.