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What is the best start date?

BCIT’s full-time Business Management Advanced Diploma program commences in the fall, after Canadian Labour Day weekend and first week of January. Part-time studies also commence at the beginning of January, April, and September; and, Summer Intensive sessions start June, July, and August.

When should I apply for BCIT?

Full-time applications will open on:

  • October 1st for following September
  • March 15th for the following January

Provisional acceptance for full-time can be given after you have completed half your CDI College Diploma (approximately 6 months before graduation) and meet the English requirement.

Part-time requires students to have all requirements completed and be registered in courses to get an acceptance letter. Courses for the following term open up approximately 2 months prior to the start date. Example: If a student graduates in October and wants to apply for the part-time studies in January, you must register in the January courses in mid-October. View the part-time studies registration dates.
Note: Part-time Studies (course-by-course) programs are only available to international students who currently have a valid status in Canada.