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A BCIT Business Consulting Project provides International Business Management students the opportunity to work with an organization to resolve an international business problem or challenge. Students work in a team of two or three to identify potential opportunities, conduct research, and recommend effective solutions. The end result for your organization is a comprehensive written report and an oral presentation outlining the student team’s recommendations and solutions. Twice each year the International Business program accepts approximately 20 project proposals per year. The Fall projects are one day per week for eleven weeks. The Spring projects are three days per week for nine weeks.


Market Feasibility Studies Market Entry Strategies
Political Risk Analysis Warehousing
Purchasing Systems Process Improvement
Inventory Control Logistics and Supply Chain
Jun – Aug Project proposals submitted to BCIT
September Student teams assigned to projects
Sept – Nov Students conduct research, write a report, and prepare their presentation
November Students deliver oral presentation and written report to sponsor
Sept – Nov Project proposals submitted to BCIT
January Student teams review and select projects
Feb – Mar Students, Faculty Advisor, and Sponsor agree to project details
Mar – May Students conduct research, write a report, and prepare their presentation
Mid – May Students deliver oral presentation and written report to sponsor

BCIT Business Consulting Project ideas

  • How do we market to a certain international demographic?
  • How can we export our new product to another country?
  • How can we leverage our supply chain for a competitive advantage?
  • How can we start importing international goods?
  • How can we optimize product storage times?
  • How can we streamline our product shipping and receiving?
  • How can we lower our transportation and logistics costs?

BCIT Business Consulting Project requirements

  • A clearly defined international business challenge or problem
  • Involve a market research component
  • Workspace and administrative services for 2-3 students
  • Available two days a week for student visits (Tues & Wed)
  • Spring projects require a $750 donation to the student scholarship fund (taxable benefit)

Contact information

If you have any additional questions about the BCIT Business Consulting Project program or if you would like to be contacted when the next project opportunity arises please contact:

Leo Lei
Business Consulting Project Coordinator
International Business Management
Tel: 604-451-6779

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