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BCIT Student Association

We encourage you to run for executive positions during elections in the Spring of every year.

enactus BCIT

enactus BCIT is a national, not-for-profit organization providing and promoting education, training, and instruction on entrepreneurship and the formation and operation of businesses to Canadian youth.

Association for Operations Management (APICS)

The APICS BCIT Student Chapter is a student-run organization with members from the two-year Business Operations Management Diploma program. It is affiliated with the Vancouver and Fraser Valley APICS regional chapters. APICS stands for “Advancing Productivity, Innovation and Competitive Success”. APICS BCIT aims to provide access to real-world business experience for its members and the BCIT student community as a whole through taking advantage of the wide array of opportunities available to Business Operations Management students.

BCIT Finance Association (BCIT FA)

BCIT FA connects finance students to each other and also to potential employers in the finance industry. We focus on Finance & investment aspect of financial management. We also open up your career possibilities by bringing in company overview events from local financial firms, and info sessions from CFA and CFP Institute.

BCIT Financial Management Association

The BCIT Financial Management Association strives to be a representative for Financial Management Students exploring networking opportunities in the Accounting and Finance industries.

BCIT Real Estate Association (REA)

The BCIT Real Estate Association (REA) is a student run organization passionate about personal development, learning and real estate. Our goal is to facilitate a greater learning opportunity and experience for students through connecting with industry professionals. We strive to be the most professional and organized student club, as well as the leaders for connecting students with industry. The REA will achieve this through networking and guest speaker events, current market knowledge, and high levels of communication through our website and meetings.

BCIT Human Resources Association

The BCIT Human Resources Association is a student organization that takes an interdisciplinary approach to the learning and connecting of BCIT students with industry. They strive to encourage collaboration and knowledge transfer through workshops, volunteer and networking opportunities. Their primary goal is to provide students with exposure to career-enhancing tools that will better equip them for their future in industry.

Business Management Association

The Business Management Association is a student run club that engages management students in the practical application of program concepts through brand development workshops, networking, and creating value through partnerships. Although leadership positions are restricted to students of the Business Management Diploma, membership is welcome to all students at BCIT. Our events throughout the year focus on improving your brand and your network. Members are encouraged to get involved with their own success by participating and collaborating.

Business Information Technology Management (BITMAN)

The Business Information Technology Club was created to serve two functions. First to provide a place where first and second year students of the Business Information Technology (BITMAN) diploma program can meet and interact. Second the club is to act as a liaison between the IT industry and club members. All students in the BITMAN program are members. However, membership is not limited to this program. Students from all disciplines can join the BITMAN Club.