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Thank you for considering the BCIT School of Business + Media, whether as a step in your career or as a community partner.  In choosing BCIT, you are joining a network of innovative, ambitious, and inspiring changemakers. We address today’s issues with current knowledge and cutting-edge solutions. Industry relies on us as a leader in providing graduates who will drive the economy of today and tomorrow. We inspire visions and provide sustainable solutions. We are pioneers of technology, and we welcome you warmly to the School of Business + Media.

At BCIT Business + Media, our instructors are industry practitioners. Students benefit from this experience by learning “real-world” best practices. Through applied and work-integrated experiences, small class sizes, and a commitment to teaching excellence, our instructors support students in becoming thoughtful and socially responsible professionals. Our cohort model places students into class sizes of 25 or less, creating interactive experiences, teamwork opportunities, and a thriving learning environment.

BCIT Business + Media offers learning opportunities ranging from microcredentials to graduate programs. Whether you are interested in professional development, career advancement, or a degree, we offer a multitude of modules, courses, and programs which will help you achieve your goals.

As our society and economy becomes increasingly globalized, BCIT Business + Media has developed numerous programs and partnerships to provide our students with international experiences either at home or abroad. Our field schools, exchanges, and double-degree programs all support our students in their professional growth by providing experiences which cannot be duplicated in a traditional classroom. BCIT Business + Media boasts the largest, most diverse student body of international learners across the institute, and we are proud to provide these experiences for our students.

We work closely with industry groups to ensure that our curriculum stays focussed and relevant. For instance, we strive to incorporate sustainability into our courses and teach students how to be socially responsible citizens.

For our community partners, we offer many opportunities including customized training for your employees, participation in a Program Advisory Committee or as a guest speaker, assistance in hiring an intern or graduate, or invitations to our showcases.

As we look to the future, our hope is to encourage growth in our students, and in turn, the world around us. I wish the best of luck to you on your educational journey and look forward to welcoming you to BCIT Business + Media.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us to discover more about the School.

Dr. Leelah Dawson, EdD, CPA, CMA
Dean, School of Business + Media