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A group of researchers

Our vision is to establish BCIT as a key provider of building science knowledge and master’s degree graduates through our advanced educational programs, leading edge applied research, technology development and knowledge transfer.

Some current student research under the direction of Dr. Tariku:

Ali Vaseghi:
Analysis of alternative building envelope designs to improve the thermal performance of concrete buildings

Alula Assefa Yadete:
Field experimental investigation of residential building heating and ventilation systems performance

Colin Tougas:
Hygrothermal performance of XPS insulation in in-service inverted waterproofing assemblies

Dmitrii Konkov:
Development and application of an advanced green roof model

Farhad Hemmati:
Three-dimensional heat, air and moisture transfer in multi-layered corners

Nima Khalkhali Shijini:
Hygrothermal behaviour of super-insulated wall assemblies

Sara Hagos:
Impacts of green roof components on energy performance of green roof systems: a field experiment study.

Wesley Narciso:
Effectiveness of corrosion protection in reinforcing steel: a comparative analysis of coatings used in concrete repair.

Youness Yousefi:
Hygrothermal properties of materials at different temperatures and relative humidities.