Medical Reference Materials

BCIT Bookstore has partnered with Login Canada to offer access codes, e-books, and reference materials.

Depending on the downloaded e-book format, either Adobe Digital Editions or VitalSource Bookshelf is required to access e-book materials.

How do I use VitalSource text access codes?

You need to download the free VitalSource Bookshelf software first, then redeem the access code you purchased within the Bookshelf software.

How do I download the VitalSource Bookshelf software?

You can download it here.

Is it compatible with all types of computers?

Yes, VitalSource Bookshelf software is compatible with both PC and MAC.

How long can it be accessed?

As this e-book is downloadable, it is available for as long as you have the VitalSource Bookshelf software installed on your computer.

Can it be shared?

No. A VitalSource e-book can be downloaded multiple times if a computer is lost/data wiped etc. This is designed to assist where the file is lost, accidentally deleted, or corrupted.

How do I access Adobe Digital Editions e-books?
  1. Download and install Adobe Digital Editions.
  2. When prompted, select Authorize computer.
  3. If you don't already have an Adobe ID, click the get an Adobe ID online link.
  4. When you're done, return to Adobe Digital Editions.
  5. Enter your Adobe ID and password, then click Activate.
  6. Click Finished when Adobe finishes authorizing your computer.

When you finish downloading a copy of your book, you will get a file with an .acsm extension. This is the license for your book.

I have more technical questions!

A detailed FAQ can be found here.

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