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AV equipment availability

Please submit any equipment reservation requests well ahead of your class or event day.

AV equipment access

Some AV storage areas require a door code for entry to pick-up and return reserved equipment. Please contact the AV Circulation/Help Desk for information on your pick-up location and access instructions.

Location: SE12–104
Phone: 604-412-7444 (option 3)

Reservations for AV equipment are taken on a first come – first serve basis.

Note: The AV Services department has limited equipment available in our circulation stock to meet the demand of faculty, staff and students. Long-term or continuous bookings are generally not able to be accommodated.

Lending guidelines

While some AV equipment resides in various academic departments, storage rooms and classrooms, the remainder is available for short term loan at no charge. Note that you may need to leave your BCIT ID Card and have instructor approval for some equipment bookings.

Lending guidelines are provided for AV equipment loans. Borrowing privileges are restricted to current holders of BCIT ID Cards (students, staff, and faculty).

Laptops & projectors

Some equipment, such as laptops and projectors, are in great demand and thus only available for the length of your class. Use of these items is restricted strictly for the purpose of conducting course-related presentations only.

It is recommended to book equipment as early as possible, and check with AV Services for instructions and demonstrations before your presentation.

Please contact the AV Services department for questions relating to borrowing equipment.


To sign out equipment, a valid BCIT ID card is required, and may be held during the signout period. Loaned items must be picked up and returned to the appropriate circulation area.

No phone or email requests at this time, in person requests only.

Instructors, faculty & staff

Generally, equipment (other than laptop computers) is available for instructors’ classroom use on an “as needed” basis. Some items may be available for term or continuing bookings.

Online booking

Faculty and staff can email booking requests to