Program Development


BCIT's program development process ensures the development of high quality programming which meets the needs of our diverse stakeholders and ensures our credentials are recognized, well regarded, and of appropriate rigour. The process is guided by criteria set out by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training and BCIT's Policy 5401 Program Development and Credentials [PDF], and the associated procedures. Procedure 5401-PR2 Program Development and Change [PDF] provides a series of flowcharts outlining the process for developing different credential types. The Learning and Teaching Centre provides expertise and support for individual program development initiatives.

In addition to guidance from your Instructional Development Consultant (IDC) the LTC can help with your proposal documents in terms of editing for clarity and consistency, and creating graphics to clearly illustrate key points. Talk to the IDC on your School Working Group, or contact your School Liaison.

Below are templates, guiding documents, and relevant links to guide the program development process.


New program proposal templates

Components of proposals

Financial documents

Development report template

Educational affiliation/collaboration documents