Academic Planning and Quality Assurance (APQA) is within the Office of the Vice President Academic, and is responsible for ensuring the academic quality of BCIT programs in accordance with Education Council policies, and in alignment with the Institute's Strategic Plan and Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training expectations for post-secondary institutions.

APQA advises and guides program areas on key processes related to academic quality, including program development, program change, and program review. Resources such as templates and guiding documents are provided for each of these processes.

Plans for programming activity are compiled on an annual basis by each of the Schools: Current three-year Programming Activity plan.

APQA offers sessions on program development, change and review processes on an on-going basis. Please contact the Office to find out when the next session is scheduled, or with any questions related to the processes.

Members of Academic Planning & Quality Assurance:

Barry Hogan
Dean, Academic Planning & Quality Assurance

Kathy Siedlaczek
Associate Dean, Academic Planning & Quality Assurance

Jonathan Chiu
Manager, Academic Planning & Quality Assurance 

Joanne Schaap
Coordinator, Education Council