Working with BCIT :: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the research done at BCIT and the research conducted at universities?

Much of the research conducted at universities is basic research undertaken to develop new knowledge. At BCIT we conduct applied research, solving industry problems, with results that can be transferred immediately into useful products and services. Top

What is the range in size and scope of applied research projects conducted at BCIT?

Projects range from those requiring only a few weeks work, through directed projects by BCIT’s senior students, to on-going grant-funded research initiatives that can take several years. The Institute oversees hundreds of projects and provides BC companies with millions of dollars worth of applied research and development. Top

What are the advantages of working with BCIT?

BCIT has a vast pool of resources and multi-disciplinary expertise to devote to applied research projects with industry. By working with BCIT on your project you are able to draw from any number of these resources. Also, BCIT’s name and reputation will add credibility to your research. Top

What facilities and equipment are available at BCIT?

BCIT has a wide range of equipment and facilities ranging from test equipment (e.g. for electronics or engines) to processing facilities (e.g. for food packaging or plastics manufacturing). Industry can access these facilities through the Applied Research Liaison Office. Top

How are projects established and who defines the objectives?

The objectives for any project undertaken by BCIT are developed through in-depth consultation between the client and one of the institute’s project leaders. The role of the project leader is to:

  1. define the objectives of the project with the client
  2. prepare a project proposal including a schedule and budget
  3. select the most appropriate personnel to carry out the research
  4. explain BCIT's position with regard to confidentiality, liability, and ownership of intellectual property
  5. ensure research is being conducted according to the proposal and the client's wishes
  6. keep track of time and budget
  7. confer with the client regularly
  8. prepare regular progress reports and a final report Top

As the client, how will I be involved in the development of the project?

You will be involved in each step of the project by:

  1. explaining your needs to the project leader
  2. contributing as much detailed information as possible regarding how your company intends to participate in the research, and how it plans to use the results
  3. providing feedback on the written proposal
  4. ensuring that you agree with all the terms and conditions Top

How much will it cost?

There are fees for the services of BCIT research staff, and for rental of lab facilities and equipment. The cost of the project is determined when developing a proposal. For industry-sponsored projects conducted solely by students within the scope of their educational program there is no charge, beyond a nominal registration fee. Top

Can BCIT help me secure funding?

BCIT is not a granting agency. However, our staff can provide advice on funding sources and help develop applications to granting agencies.Top