Technology Commercialization

The Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO) is a support group for researchers at BCIT and the liaison for industry participating in technology transfer of BCIT technology. The following services are available:

Intellectual Property Protection

The Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO) provides the institution and its clients with information on intellectual property as well as protection. ARLO is responsible for implementing the IP Policy and does so by encouraging disclosures of innovations, managing the process of patent filing on behalf of BCIT or a client, and commercializing viable technologies. ARLO is available for consultation on protection strategies, patent applications, disclosure information, and to answer any questions that arise regarding intellectual property at BCIT.

The following documents are available to assist faculty and staff in understanding their intellectual property rights.

ARLO can help faculty and staff members resolve IP ownership issues and also provide a financial, economic and social perspective on the commercialization potential of IP owned by BCIT.

Please note that copyright issues relating to creative works or course materials can be addressed by the BCIT Library.

Technology Licensing

When commercially viable inventions are disclosed to ARLO, we actively engage in market research and the development of commercialization strategies. Royalties generated from BCIT licensing agreements are shared between clients, inventors and the institution, in accordance with BCIT’s IP Policy and pertinent sponsored research agreements that govern the particular project. 

Technology and Market Assessments

The Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO) can assist clients and researchers to align their projects with market needs. This helps BCIT deliver the maximum commercial potential for research contracts. ARLO also performs market assessments for invention disclosures. This is an important step to determine what forms of intellectual property protection are necessary, and whether the project is commercially viable.

Industry Liaison

ARLO offers support services to entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) to help connect them to internal BCIT resources. Most BCIT faculty members work in industry, have industry connections, and have specialized training and education in many industry sectors. BCIT is also home to a number of research centres and specialty lab facilities. BCIT students work on a wide range of projects for industry, from School of Business Directed Studies Business Consulting Projects to Engineering Capstone Projects