Joey Dabell, M.Ed. B.Tech.

Project Leader
Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART)

Joey Dabell is a Project Leader with BCIT’s multi-discipline Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART) department. As a faculty researcher she functions as project manager on research, development and demonstration projects as part of BCIT’s Smart Microgrid Initiative. In this role she leads development and integration of renewable energy systems, writes research reports and contributes to research publications, coordinates microgrid related training and outreach activities, and facilitates collaborations between academic, industry and community partners.

Joey’s own research interests are at the intersection of microgrids and renewable energy technologies with policy, economic and social change relating to the process of transition to sustainable communities.

Joey is an active member of BCIT's Sustainability Committee, and has participated in international conferences on renewable energy and sustainability.

Joey holds a M.E.T. from the University of British Columbia (UBC), and a B.Tech. (Computer Systems) from BCIT.

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