Dr. Michael Chan, PhD

Research Analyst
Natural Health and Food Products Research Group (NRG)
Email: Michael_Chan@bcit.ca

Michael Chan has been a researcher with BCIT’s Natural Health and Food Products Research Group since 2004. Michael received his PhD in Pharmacognosy from the University of Mississippi and also holds a B.Sc. in General Sciences from the University of British Columbia, a B.Tech in Environmental Health from BCIT and a D.Tech in Food Technology from BCIT.

Michael has extensive knowledge and experience in areas related to the chemical and biological aspects of pharmacognosy, including bioassay design and applications, analysis of natural products in complex matrixes, isolation techniques, and methods for the determination of unknown chemical structures.

During his time in the department, Michael has worked on a variety of projects focused on the development, assessment and assurance of the quality, safety and efficacy of dietary supplement, natural health and food products. With his knowledge and experience in regulatory affairs and risk assessment, Michael has also coordinated several projects focused on the regulatory compliance of dietary supplements, natural health and food products.

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