River to Plate – Building in Sustainability, Traceability and Quality


Fraser River Salmon Table Society

Project description

Fishing plays a vital role in the culture of the Chehalis Indian Band. Integrating sustainable food safety practices is central in preserving the fundamentals of their fishery. The aim of this project was to give the Chehalis Indian Band the appropriate tools to uphold the sustainability, traceability and quality principles in the Fraser River Fisheries.

Using Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), we developed a quality management program (QMP) that encompasses sustainability, traceability and quality from river through to plate. This included a field manual and training program used to outline the QMP and train fishery personnel. The program’s training focused on proper documentation and control of food safety and quality through such practices as fish grading, handling, counting, weighing, taring totes, and proper ice handling procedures.

The QMP was designed specifically for fisheries that run intermittently and have extreme variability in their allowable catch. Instructions and checklists were designed for ensuring correct people, materials and equipment are assembled and that items such as boats, totes, ice, scales, and trucks are not missed. The program adds value to the fishery and final fish products with the quality now measured and traced throughout all stages of the supply chain. Traceability allows for transparency and identifies the conservation efforts that the Chehalis Indian Band is making. This is crucial in maintaining the livelihood of the fishery.

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