Yvette Jones

Yvette Jones, M.Sc.
Research Associate, Human Kinetics
Email: Yvette_Jones@bcit.ca

Yvette obtained her Master’s degree in Human Kinetics at the University of British Columbia where she specialized in biomechanics and exercise physiology. For her thesis Yvette investigated the role of vision in guiding the motor control and biomechanics of obstacle compensation (ie. the physical and mental processes of stepping up on a curb).

In addition to her education, Yvette has over 12 years of experience as an athletic trainer, first aid attendant and rehab consultant. She also spent 5 years in the sports and orthopaedic appliance industry providing prescription foot orthotics and supportive bracing and advice on running mechanics.

Yvette first began working with the research team at the BCIT Technology Centre in 1999 while employed with Simon Fraser University as Research Associate and Coordinator of the Dr. Tong Louie Living Laboratory. During that time she was actively conducting and assisting in a variety of health related research projects including biomechanic and ergonomic assessment, medical device development and product evaluation.

After teaching biomechanics at UBC, Yvette joined the Technology Centre in January 2006 where she is currently developing a canine model for use in assessing and treating injured police dogs. This project is part of a larger endeavour to develop a Centre for Canine Performance and Health.

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