Nancy Paris, Director

Nancy Paris
Nancy Paris, MASc PEng


Nancy Paris is the Director of MAKE+ and Product and Process Applied Research Team (PART) at BCIT. Since 1996 Nancy has been responsible for the growth and management of a fifteen person multi-disciplinary team of researchers that conducts applied R&D in emerging and next generation product design in health technologies, energy, consumer electronics, and industrial products for clients in industry, academia, government and the community.

Key Areas

proposal grant and contract development, product development process

medical and assistive devices, health technology research, biomedical engineering, biomedical devices


PhD, Social Sciences, Development Economics and International Development, Royal Roads University (2020)
MASc, University of British Columbia
BASc, University of British Columbia


Advanced Technology Award, Applied Science Technologist and Technicians of BC (2009)
BCIT Employee Excellence Award for Applied Research (2013)
Fellow, Engineers Canada (2009)

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