Garrett Kryt

Garrett Kryt, BEng, EIT
Research Analyst
MAKE+ and Product and Process Applied Research Team

Garrett Kryt has a Bachelor’s of Mechanical Engineering from the British Columbia Institute of Technology, and is currently completing his Masters in Mechatronics Systems Engineering at Simon Fraser University. Garrett’s work focuses primarily on research and development under the REDLab headed by Dr. Jaimie Borisoff.

Garrett combines his love of mechanisms and machine design with a growing skill set in electronics design and prototyping. With previous experience as a bicycle mechanic prior to his education, Garrett is able to draw on his applied mechanical knowledge throughout the design process.

Interesting projects Garrett has been involved with include:

• Design of a novel power-assist wheelchair system
• Power wheelchair control using a Wii U remote
• Design and fabrication of a hysteresis brake dynamometer
• Design of a handcycle car rack for users with disabilities

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