Ernie Janzen

Ernie Janzen, TQ, IP, PID
Trades Researcher, Manufacturing

ernie janzen

Ernie Janzen first joined Applied Research's Health Technology Research Group (HTRG) for a semester in January 2003 to work on a variety of projects requiring his CNC machining, design and manufacturing skills. At that time his leave was funded by BCIT's Applied Research and Development Fund, an initiative established to support BCIT faculty and staff who wish to obtain leave from their regular duties in order to conduct research and development in their area of expertise.

Ernie filled an important role in the team and has remained involved with research ever since. He is currently in charge of coordinating the layout and operations of CARI Lab and working on a variety of research projects.

Ernie’s past experience includes fifteen years in the engineering and manufacturing industry and ten years as a trades instructor at BCIT.

He enjoys creating a difference in the health and well being of society whether it be developing a novel pumping system designed to desalinate brackish water or raising teenagers. 

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