Group for Advanced Information Technology (GAIT)

BCIT's Group for Advanced Information Technology (GAIT) has become SMART - Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team. The home page for SMART is
Please update your contact information with the new address.

SMART, Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team, converges Information Technology, Communication Engineering and Computing fields to develop prototypes and solutions for complex applied research problems. Our group conducts applied R&D in emerging and next generation technologies and helps stimulate BC’s IT industry through joint, collaborative industry, academic, and government research.

BCIT's Smart Microgrid Program provides opportunities for electrical utility companies, technology providers and researchers to work together to develop architectures, protocols, configurations and models of the evolving Smart Grid, and enables Canadian researchers to develop and validate technologies required to meet Canada’s priorities for co-generation, efficient transmission and distribution of electricity, load control, demand response, advanced metering and integration of clean energy sources into the existing and future grids.

For more information on our research areas and expertise, please contact 
Dr. Hassan Farhangi,
Director, Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team.