Research Support Fund

The federal Research Support Fund (RSF) assists Canadian post-secondary institutions with the costs associated with managing their research enterprise, helping them to maintain a world-class research environment.

RSF funds assist Canadian post-secondary institutions with the expenses associated with managing the research funded by the three federal research granting agencies (CIHRNSERC and SSHRC). Research funding provided through the granting agencies is generally limited to direct project costs (e.g., research equipment, research assistant salaries, etc.). Institutions whose researchers receive funding for research also incur costs to manage their research enterprise. These are often called indirect costs of research. These costs include, for example, the costs of maintaining modern labs and equipment; costs of providing researchers with access to up-to-date knowledge resources; costs of managing and administering research; costs of meeting regulatory and ethical requirements; and costs of transferring research results to knowledge users. RSF funds may be used to cover new expenditures, to maintain the current level of services, or to support an institution's research environment and improve its management.

Eligible institutions receive an annual grant through the program to help pay for a portion of their indirect costs of research.

Report on BCIT's 2018-19 Research Support Fund Grant

BCIT's 2018-19 Research Support Fund grant was $155,015. The breakdown of expenditures is shown.

It was essential for the development of grant applications and research proposals, enabling the Applied Research Liaison Office to to provide the crucial support for our existing and new researchers. The grant increased our interaction between existing and new researchers and granting agencies and other sources of external funding. As BCIT is still in a developmental stage of research, the grant was critical for research administration, enabling us to broaden our scope beyond what we would be able to accomplish without it. Moreover, we would not have been able to participate in the extensive amount of research planning and promotion we achieved this year.

The grant allowed us to provide adequate administrative support for our Research Ethics Board and its Chair.

The grant has also permitted BCIT to aid the technology transfer function and provide support for technology licensing within the Applied Research Liaison Office (ARLO). Safeguarding intellectual property (IP) developed by BCIT faculty is critical to both research administration and the individual researchers because it increases the value of IP and ensures that the IP creators feel amply championed by their employer.

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