Institute Research Funds

BCIT Institute Research Funds allow BCIT employees to pursue research initiatives for which they are unable to obtain funding from other sources or allow researchers to leverage institute funds to obtain research funding from external agencies and partners that they would otherwise be unable to access. The intentions of the Funds are to fund research applications that will require partial release time from duties for the principal investigator, or to fund the preparation of applications for external grants.

How do I Apply?

Phase 0
Phase 1
Applications are sent to the Chair of your School Research Committee:

Latest Awards

April 30, 2019: We are pleased to announce that the Institute Research Committee (IRC) recently approved the following proposals, through the Institute Research Funds for 2019/2020 as recommended by their School Research Committees:

Round 10 (2019)

  1. Mr. Manfred Mandl, Faculty, Business Administration (SoB), $19,600 for the second year of the project "The Al/Automation Impact on Key Sectors of the BC Economy & on Human Capital Development.” 

  2. Mr. Yap Yin (Sam) Chou, Faculty, Operations Management (SoB), $25,000 for the project entitled “Impacts of vertical structure of airline-airport relationship on airport efficiency.” 

  3. Ms. Sonia Dhaliwal, SITE Centre, (SoB), $25,000 for the project “A study of barriers to Indigenous employment: A case of the Lil’wat Nation.” 

  4. Dr. Kian Karimi, Faculty, Civil Engineering (SoCE) and Dr. Min Sun (UVic), $25,000 for 2019/20, $25,000 for 2020/21 and $25,000 for 2021/22 for the project “Contemporary issues in design and fabrication of tubular steel structures." 

  5. Dr. Borna Noureddin, Faculty, Computing (SoCAS), $25,000 for 2019/20 and $25,000 for 2020/21 for years 2 and 3 of the project "Ubiquitous Human Activity Monitoring: Development of Novel Smartphone Based Sensors, Applications and Games and Their Uses and Social Implications." 

  6. Dr. Shannon Kelly, Program Head, Communications (SoCAS), $25,000 for 2019/20 for year two of the project "How Can Technical Projects Involving Consultation with Indigenous Communities and Stakeholders Be Better Implemented Through Authentic Engagement and the Building of Sustainable Relationships.” 

  7. Dr. Barry Pointon, Faculty, Physics (SoCAS), $25,000 for 2019/20 for year two of the project “HALO-1kT Supernova Neutrino Detector Collaboration." 

  8. Dr. Nathan Devos, Faculty, Communications (SoCAS), $24,951 for 2019/20 for year two of the project "Measuring First Term Students' General English Language Proficiency.

  9. Dr. Michal Aibin, Faculty, Computer Systems Technology (SoCAS), $25,000 for 2019/20 and $25,000 for 2020/21 for the project “Machine and Deep Learning Techniques for Optimization of Optical Networks.” 

  10. Dr. John Dian, Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (SoE), $25,000 for 2019/20 for year two of the project "Practical Solution for Low Power Synchronized Data Acquisition System." 

  11. Dr. Jeff Bloemink, Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering (SoE), $25,000 for 2019/20 for the project “Electrical Power Grid Enhancement Through the Use of Power Electronics.” 

  12. Ms. Manu Gill, Faculty, Nursing (SoHS), $25,000 for 2019/20 for year two of the project entitled "Preventing Retained Surgical Items as a Postoperative Complication: Exploring the Impact on Nursing Practice of Augmented-Reality Assisted Surgical Count.” 

  13. Dr. Carol Wenzel, Faculty, Biotechnology (SoHS), $14,372 for 2019/20 for the project “Identifying traits controlling drought tolerance in Setaria.” 

  14. Ms. Samantha Juan, Faculty, Nursing, (SoHS), $25,000 for 2019/20 for the project “The Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) Project in the BSN Prog.” 

  15. Dr. Sanja Boskovic, Associate Dean, Aerospace (SoT) and Dr. Eric Saczuk, Faculty, Geomatics (SoCE), $25,000 for 2019/20 and $25,000 for 2020/21 for the project “Feasibility Study to Determine the Application of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and Augmented Reality Integration for Aircraft Inspection (for the purpose of developing the training material).” 

  16. Ms. Joey Dabell, Project Leader, SMART, Applied Research, $24,912 for 2019/20 for the project “Building Recycling Pathways Towards Personal Net Zero and Informing Recommendations for Policy Makers: A Student-focused Citizen Research Approach.” 

  17. Mr. Daniel Block, Learning Technology Specialist and Ms. Jennifer Madigan, Instructional Development Consultant, (ESI) and Ms. Francine Anselmo, Faculty, Medical Radiography (SoHS), $11,119 for 2019/20, $11,119 for 2020/21 and $12,176 for 2021/22 for the project “VR Efficacy in the Classroom: Quantifying the Impact on Student Learning When Using Virtual Reality Simulation to Supplement Traditional Classroom Learning.”

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