Institute Research Funds

BCIT Institute Research Funds allow BCIT employees to pursue research initiatives for which they are unable to obtain funding from other sources or allow researchers to leverage institute funds to obtain research funding from external agencies and partners that they would otherwise be unable to access.There are two funds:

How do I Apply?

Applications are sent to the Chair of your School Research Committee:

Latest Awards

Apr 6, 2017: The Institute Research Committee (IRC) recently approved the following 4 proposals, through the VP Research Seed Fund and Discovery Parks Fund, as recommended by their School Research Committees.
  1. Dr. Djamel Khelifi (SoCAS) – $25,000 (for 2017/2018), for project entitled “Synthesis and Analysis of Anti-cancer Bioactive Falcarinol-type Polyacetylenes from Devil’s Club.”
  2. Ms. Glynda Doyle and Dr. Janet Morrison (SoHS) – $25,000 (for 2017/2018) for project entitled “Fostering Healthcare Student Perceptions of Inter-professional Roles Using Clinical Case Studies in an Educational Clinical Information System Environment.”
  3. Dr. John Dian and Dr. Amirhossein Yousefi (SoE) – $24,600 (for 2017/2018) for project entitled “Synchronization of wireless BLE devices.”
  4. Mr. Timothy Carson (SoCE) – $23,400 (for 2017/2018) for project entitled “Overcoming Barriers to Intercollegiate Collaborative Practices to Support Student Success.”
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