Dr. Tong Louie Living Laboratory

Named after the late Dr. Tong Louie, the Living Lab is a joint venture between BCIT and Simon Fraser University. The facility's primary mandate is to conduct research and training activities that improve the “fit” between people and their daily living and working environments, by studying people’s interaction with devices, assistive technology, other products and environmental features.

The Lab contains a large open space (the Experimental Studio) resembling a movie set  that allows researchers to simulate any built environment - from an entire home or workplace, to multiple examples of a single space. A viewing theatre, equipped with one-way glass, allows observers to monitor activities in the Living Lab without intrusion or distraction of the research activities or participants.

The heart of the Living Lab is a data acquisition and analysis centre equipped with a sophisticated motion analysis system (PEAK) that enables researchers to record and quantify the interaction of occupants of the Living Lab and the environment or product being studied within it. The complete system allows two-way communication throughout the Lab’s spaces, and is a powerful tool for behaviour observation, ergonomic analysis and physiological monitoring.


Lab researchers have a diverse skill set that includes; product evaluation, human kinetics, prosthetics and orthotics, gerontology, assistive technology, urban studies and planning, biomechanical engineering and disability research.


BCIT Dr. Tong Louie Living Laboratory
Contact: Nancy Paris
Principal Investigator, BCIT: Nancy Paris
Principal Investigator, SFU: Dr. Andrew Sixsmith

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