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Rehabilitation Engineering Design Lab

REDLab People & Partners


BCIT’s  Rehabilitation Engineering Design Lab (REDLab) is led by Dr. Jaimie Borisoff, Tier 2 Canada Research Chair Rehabilitation Engineering Design. Dr. Borisoff is also an Adjunct Professor in the UBC’s Department of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy and the UBC Biomedical Engineering Program, as well as a Principal Investigator at ICORD.

Johanne Mattie, MASc
MAKE+ Project Lead (Biomedical Engineering, Human Factors)
Rehabilitation Engineering Design

Garrett Kryt, B.Eng EIT
PART Research Analyst
Rehabilitation Engineering Design

Rory Dougall
PART Research Analyst
Rehabilitation Engineering Design

Student researchers

The REDLab provides training and mentorship to a wide range of students.  Students are engaged in most of our projects and we value the contribution that they make to our team.  Our students range from those doing their PhD to undergraduates doing their Capstone and summer research projects. We also engage students for co-op semesters and for part-time employment during the regular school terms.

Our students come from a variety of different backgrounds, including:

  • mechanical engineering
  • bio-medical engineering
  • occupational therapy
  • architecture
  • health economics

We have hosted students from both local and international educational institutes, including:

Contact Us

Jaimie Borisoff
Rehabilitation Engineering Design
BCIT Centre for Applied Research & Innovation
4355 Mathissi Place
Burnaby, BC V5G 4S8