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Introducing the AAPLEwalk™

We are excited to introduce the AAPLEwalk™ – a revolutionary exercise machine for people with disabilities. This one of a kind autonomous exercise machine helps people with mobility issues to exercise in an upright standing position, challenging the heart better than simple arm-only movements. It combines the benefits of Active-Arm Passive-Leg Exercise (AAPLE), cardio-respiratory training, and standing locomotor therapy in a single device.

This device raises a user from sitting to a fully supported standing position on an elliptical-type exercise machine. AAPLEwalk™ consists of synchronized arm-driven motion and walking-like leg patterns at variable intensities appropriate for cardiovascular exercise.

“The emotional benefit of being able to stand up tall, to go for a walk, and to work out simultaneously is impressive,” said a Focus Group Participant.

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Jaimie Borisoff
Rehabilitation Engineering Design
Director, MAKE+
BCIT Centre for Applied Research & Innovation
4355 Mathissi Place
Burnaby, BC V5G 4S8