Customer Service Standards

Admissions - Registrar's Office mandate

The Registrar's Office is dedicated to managing customer information with integrity in a reliable, confidential and courteous manner within the guidelines of BCIT policy. Our customers are future, current and former students, faculty, staff and administrators, government and industry.

Quality service standards

We are dedicated to delivering high quality customer service within an environment of high volume during peak times of the year.

We will:


Process and maintain student applications in an equitable and accurate manner.


Meet all dates and deliverables as agreed to.


Advise the customer of issues or problems that affect registration.


Contact you regarding your query within two business days in non-peak periods and two to five business days during peak periods.

Reply as to the status of your file within four weeks upon receipt of your full-time application.

Fill seats for advanced placement after current full time students have written their final exams and the number of available seats is determined:
  • September seats filled in June
  • January seats filled in December
Complete requests for Educational, Trust plans, and Letters of Verification in two to five business days during non-peak periods and within five business days during peak periods.


Provide choices of services and delivery methods, where possible and applicable.


Treat you politely and with respect.